As a society we have somehow spent too much time and yet no time at all figuring out why people do what they do. Simply put however, the only conclusion that has been reached is that everyone struggles in some form or another. These struggles of course have various origins and plague each person differently. Our culture has become a competitive environment where we hold far too much weight about what others think or do. We need to bring back the simple acts of giving others empathy and giving ourselves grace.

 I’ve spent years grasping tightly to a gift of intuitive communication and an ability to understand and relate to other people. But I never felt comfortable or confident in relation to what that meant in my life. My passion for learning everything I could about mental health, Psychology, behavior, and our brains only led me to confusing dead end after confusing dead end. I realized that I was not interested anymore in the whys.

I wanted to focus on the “so what nows!?” Let’s set our sights on DOING something about the issues that are seeping toxic energy into every aspect of our lives. There is no better time than now to make that change in your marriage, with your employees/co-workers, and most importantly with yourself


In the 1980’s, an American Financial Planner named Thomas Leonard made the observation that his clients, though emotionally stable and not necessarily needing Psychological services or counseling, still wanted more from him above and beyond financial and investment advice. They wanted help planning, organizing, and setting goals for their lives.

From these observations, he made the transition from financial planning to developing the techniques that would become his coaching methodology. At the time he called his process “life-planning,” of which he used for coaching and training clients. These specific coaching skills were complimentary but rather different from the ones used by therapists, mentors, and consultants.

In the early 1990’s Leonard founded Coaching University, the first formal coach-training program. Additionally, he was instrumental in founding the International Coach Federation, which was the first organization to set, publish, and provide industry standards, ethics and credentialing of both professional coaches and accreditation of coaching schools. The ICF is still the benchmark for coaching excellence. With its emergence, the coaching profession was cynically viewed. However, with time, the belief that a properly trained professional coach can truly be an asset to individuals and businesses, has gained worldwide acceptance


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