The Journey to Eliminating Anxiety-Part 2

To continue in part two of learning to anxiety-proof your life: I learned the importance of setting boundaries and not apologizing for doing what is best for me. We have become a society of people that are more than willing to sacrifice their own inner peace just to please others or to avoid having a … Read more

The Journey to Eliminating Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental disorder that seems to run rampant in our population these days. With numerous variations, causes, symptoms, and levels of severity, it affects each person differently. However, it manifests in each person, the overall consensus is that anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating no matter how high functioning we claim to be. … Read more

Why we cannot go back.

One thing we can all agree with is that we set unattainable expectations for the roll over from 2020 to 2021. Now that the reality has set in that our lives will probably never be the same, what do we do with the mental weight of what we have been through? Humans are not known … Read more

Connection in Pandemic Times….

An unfortunate casualty of the constantly busy lives that we all have created, is the lack of true connection with people due to not wanting to ‘take up peoples time.” Our circles are getting smaller, quality time getting shorter, and allowing ourselves the time and space to connect with others seems fewer and farther between. … Read more

Well here we are….

I am frequently asked why I chose to pursue the coaching field rather than counseling.  For the longest time, I found it very hard to articulate. My whole life has always revolved around my natural Psychological intuition and my obsession with studying behavior, personalities, and overall mental health.  What I learned however, as I worked … Read more

Even if the steps are small, keep walking forward!

It is so interesting how our society has placed a negative connotation on the idea of vulnerability. It has always been taught as something to be feared and to avoid at all costs. Whether it was a fear of rejection, criticism, or failure, it always seemed safest to just not put yourself out there. I … Read more