Organizational Psychology & Development Consulting

One third of our lives are spent working. The environment in which we get to spend that time should be rich, productive, and ultimately fulfilling. The typical workplace in our society today has vastly different goals, structures, and policies than they did 30 or more years ago. We have varying age groups, technological skills, cultures, and personal motivations for having a career. By investing in your organization and the people that reside within it, you are changing how our society functions as a whole.

Industrial and Organizational Psychologists use their knowledge and skills to increase the organizational effectiveness and improve individual performance.

They can assist in developing, restructuring, or reinforcing the existing processes, environments, structures, and cultures of an organization.

Services Include:

  • Executive Coaching/Leadership Coaching
  • Formatting & conducting feedback surveys
  • Hiring practices, employee appraisal
  • Advising in process consultations
  • Assessment and development of teams
  • Group trainings/Department Coaching/Presentations
    • Inter-personal communication
    • Sensitivity
    • Successful Work Culture
    • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
    • How to motivate your staff
    • Healthy work-life balance
    • The importance of Followership

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