Even if the steps are small, keep walking forward!

It is so interesting how our society has placed a negative connotation on the idea of vulnerability. It has always been taught as something to be feared and to avoid at all costs.

Whether it was a fear of rejection, criticism, or failure, it always seemed safest to just not put yourself out there.

I followed this social norm and believed this to be true for longer than I wish I would have. 

Willingness to be vulnerable, fearless, and authentic can be life changing.

But it is not an easy task!

Especially for those of us who were always taught to take up as little space as possible.

It is hard to flip the script and try to suddenly convince yourself that you are worthy of having a seat at the table.

I think one of the keys to changing this mind-set is start paying attention to our self-talk and the weight we place on other people’s opinions. What are we so afraid of? How can we allow our self-talk to become so toxic and negative? What is the worst that could happen if we try something new, or put ourselves regularly in the position of personal and professional growth?

Having grown up in a society that thrives on comparison, its no wonder people struggle with self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth.

Once we choose to be vulnerable and put ourselves out there, we will never walk away empty handed. We will either gain the outcome we desire or learn something valuable about the situation or the people involved. 

So here I am. With my passion for my purpose significantly outgrowing my list of excuses for all the reasons why I should stay quiet and small.

There is no time for that anymore.

“Do not think less of yourself if you can’t be fearless…..

Doing it afraid is just as brave.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols