Life Coaching

Everyone can agree that our lives have seasons, and that some seasons can feel heavier and more complicated than others. Our behaviors, habits, and relationships are all within our individual control. However, whether we blame our childhoods, genetics, jaded perspectives, or other factors, we tend to convince ourselves that this is how life must be. Or that we just need to accept and adapt in order to survive. Although, acceptance and adaptability are healthy aspects of adult life, there are certainly appropriate times for their utilization. You hold the power to change whatever aspects of your life are not serving your ultimate journey and purpose. Or at the very least, are draining you of your sense of peace and happiness. If your life is not where you would like it to be, chances are you are utilizing the wrong tools!

There are a myriad of tools we can learn to employ to help us thrive during these times rather than just survive:

  • Take note of the tone of your self-talk. Is it negative or positive?
  • Pay attention to the intentions of your interactions with the world as well as the intentionality of others.
  • Learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Listen to your instincts.
  • Don’t allow fear to dictate your decisions.
  • Protect your energy and your inner peace as if your life depends on it.
  • Don’t dwell on things that have happened in your past, choose to place your focus on things that you CAN change.
  • Give yourself grace and stop holding yourself to an impossible standard.

Life coaching is a team-dynamic relationship that can provide motivation, support, clarity, and guidance during life’s toughest seasons. What becomes most important is our willingness to keep moving forward. Even when our footsteps seem lighter or smaller than usual, it is imperative that we re-engage and keep standing!

What is it worth to have this problem solved?

Life, Relationship, & Business Coaching

Individual Hour session $60.00

1 month – 2 sessions


(Savings $10 off)

3 month – 6 sessions


(Savings $20 off)

6 month – 12 sessions


(12th session free)

Additional breakthrough sessions available when enrolled in package 2 or 3. Please inquire as prices may vary.