Relationship Coaching

Relationships can be so hard. Am I right?

And the fact that we are surrounded by them, only makes our ability to manage them all the more imperative.

No matter if we are dealing with spouses, parents, co-workers, or friends, it is important to regularly step back and pay attention to each of our relationships and the roles we play within them.

It is startling how far in to life we can climb without ever truly learning how to communicate effectively.

We should constantly be evaluating the relationships that we dedicate so much of our time to:

  • What are you bringing to the relationship?
  • Are you satisfied with how things are between you?
  • Is the other person taking more than they are giving?
  • Are you satisfied with what you re putting out in the world?
  • How do you know when it’s time to let go?
  • Are you willing to be open and vulnerable?
  • Do you communicate with respect and empathy?
  • Have you created and maintained healthy boundaries?
  • Are you truly listening or just listening to respond?

Life is communication. Life is relational. How we communicate and relate with the people in our communities can truly enhance our lives or make them downright miserable. Its alarming how many of us are willing to give our time and energy away to people who are not worthy of having it. And equally alarming, is the number of people willing to live with sorrow, shame, regret, and anger simply because they would not have a singular difficult conversation with someone.

What a waste of precious time.

In order to remain balanced and in a healthy mental space, it is essential that we keep our relationships in check. It’s never too late to make yourself a priority in your own life and to create a community and tribe around you that keeps your best interest at heart.

What is it worth to have this problem solved?

Life, Relationship, & Business Coaching

Individual Hour session $60.00

1 month – 2 sessions


(Savings $10 off)

3 month – 6 sessions


(Savings $20 off)

6 month – 12 sessions


(12th session free)

Additional breakthrough sessions available when enrolled in package 2 or 3. Please inquire as prices may vary