The Journey to Eliminating Anxiety-Part 2

To continue in part two of learning to anxiety-proof your life:

I learned the importance of setting boundaries and not apologizing for doing what is best for me. We have become a society of people that are more than willing to sacrifice their own inner peace just to please others or to avoid having a tough conversation. If I were trying to pinpoint one of the leading reasons why so many people struggle with anxiety, this issue would be my first hypothesis.

It IS possible to be a kind, helpful, generous person, and still require healthy boundaries and a certain level of mutual respect from those around us.

I know too many people who are miserable because of their poor relationship with their parents, or their boss, or their friends, all because they put up with treatment and behavior that is not only unacceptable but a complete waste of time.

Blood is NOT thicker than water. Toxic IS Toxic. And at no point is it healthy for us to set ourselves on fire to keep someone else warm.

How many of you have spent years not speaking to or avoiding someone, or even just choosing to participate in painful interactions just because you are unwilling to be uncomfortable and communicate your needs and expectations?

It is imperative that you teach people how to treat you, or they will go on treating you in whatever way serves their agenda.

We have the power and the RIGHT to choose who we allow in to our world and who we invest our time and energy in. No apologies, no excuses, and no shame. The right people will understand and the wrong ones will see themselves out!


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