The Journey to Eliminating Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental disorder that seems to run rampant in our population these days. With numerous variations, causes, symptoms, and levels of severity, it affects each person differently. However, it manifests in each person, the overall consensus is that anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating no matter how high functioning we claim to be. Some of us are more empathic, more sensitive, more intuitive than others and sometimes that weight of what we are feeling can feel far too heavy to bear.

People always ask me how I rid myself of a majority of my anxiety. Upon looking back, I don’ t believe there was a definitive moment in time when my anxious mind calmed and allowed me to float through life feeling lighter and more at peace.

 Although I do not know the exact timeframe when my mind started to change, I do know that subconsciously I made a few key changes to how I allowed my brain to perceive the world around me.

The first thing being:

I started learning how to change my perspective and how to start being mindful of people’s intentions. I taught myself to release the weight of others’ actions, opinions, and general life choices, which allowed me to bring the focus back to my own negative self-talk and what I was putting out into the world. It can be life changing when you start to recognize and see the world through the lens of intentionality. Being able to determine whether someone’s actions toward you or others has negative or positive roots, empowers us to choose healthier interactions and relationships for ourselves. Recognizing the intentions of others, and utilizing empathy is key to learning how to let go of things that are not yours to hold. If you know that your boss is not intending for you to feel underappreciated or taken advantage of, and that he too is under pressure, just allow yourself to release that weight of worry from your mind. As a highly sensitive person, it took me years to get this thought process to be the default of my mind. I think empathy (a topic I could write about for days) is a major component of this process. If you are able to understand life from another person’s perspective, you can access what their intentions are towards you and others.  

The anxiety that I experience these days is more self-induced by giving myself impossible goals or trying to meet impossible standards. But this is a battle that I have walked in to and remain in control of. There is certainly a difference between self-controlled anxiety and the overwhelming weight of the world anxiety. I hope to have neither one day, but as most people know, this is a long road.


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