Well here we are….

I am frequently asked why I chose to pursue the coaching field rather than counseling. 

For the longest time, I found it very hard to articulate. My whole life has always revolved around my natural Psychological intuition and my obsession with studying behavior, personalities, and overall mental health. 

What I learned however, as I worked further in to the field, was that I was far too hyper-sensitive and empathic to manage and compartmentalize the weight of “curing” or “fixing” clients trauma, addictions, or mental disturbances. I care so deeply for people, and truly want them to live their very best life. So I trudged along. 

Little did I know that while I was professionally struggling to find where I fit in this vast Psychological ocean, I was successfully coaching myself through the some of my most chronic personal issues. Through research and personal application, I discovered the keys to self-acceptance and contentment. I taught myself about healthy boundaries, keys for successful communication, intentionality, authenticity, and unconditional love. 

I realized that this is what I wanted to help others to achieve. That peaceful feeling. That anxiety-free space inside your own skin. 

I wanted to bring people back to life and help them grow and reach the goals they have always wanted to reach. 

And by goals I don’t necessarily mean grandiose achievements like owning a fortune 500 company, marrying a celebrity, or sailing the Caribbean (although I can certainly help with those too if that is your goal!)

I am speaking more to learning the everyday act of fearlessly living, being confident in your skin, maintaining healthy relationships, practicing stellar communication, living authentically, altering your perception of the world around you, and changing the negative way that you talk to yourself. 

All goals are good goals if they mean that you are giving yourself and others the best version of you.

That is exactly what the world needs. 

We have enough carbon copies of people who are utterly empty inside. 

So my professional recommendation is to seek therapy for the dark parts of yourself. And when those dark parts have healed or are at least on their way, then come see me. I can help you get back in to the game, back in to the light. 


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